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What secrets does the castle hide? LEGO Creator Haunted House Review

Another piece of the 18+ wave, the largest one to date, these grades are intended by the manufacturer for the slightly more serious exhibition pieces. Similarly belongs to the same family, like the other sets of the Lego creator expert. Except that it doesn't have the expert logo on it. Even his box is conspicuously huge, on the front of the dark background of the structure with the inscription 18+, on the back, the game features. The finished structure is 25 cm wide and 68 centimetres tall, with 3231 pieces and takes about 6-8 hours to assemble. The user's manual is quite chunky, even like a mandatory reading. At the very beginning, we can see background information about the haunted house. 9 minifigures arrive for the set, between them is the ghost house operator and the spirit, of which we receive twins (two of the same), and five visitors.  The exterior building really monumental, they weren't kidding about his size, in addition, the two sides ca

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