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LEGO Star Wars: Mos Eisley Cantina 75290 Review

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man Helmet (76165) Review

  Authentic Details to Build and Display Builders can immortalize the dimensions and details of iron man helmets using lego bricks, unique red and gold elements, and shiny stickers for their eyes. Placed on a sturdy stand adorned with a plaque, this build-and-display model will catch everyone's eye and command admiration wherever it is. Iron Man's helmet can be placed alongside other authentic LEGO models for an even more impressive display. LEGO Brick Building Kits LEGO Set of adults for a few moments is a way of avoiding the world's rush and of relishing the joy of the creative building. As exciting to build as they are fantastic to display, LEGO Adult Kits make great gifts to give for Christmas, birthdays, or any occasion to all construction and comic book enthusiasts. The superpowers of creative builders are put to the test with the LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Helmet model. Adult Marvel fans or building enthusiasts will prefer this building and display model. The Iron

LEGO Architecture Great Wall of China (21041) Review

  It seems almost impossible to bring one of the largest architectural structures in the world to existence using just 550 small plastic blocks.  When LEGO Architecture Great Wall of China 21041 was announced in April 2018, its first idea was not favorable. It looked unusual to try to capture something so big and expansive in a LEGO set, and it appears to fail in that attempt. However, the build includes some good angling techniques–both the curving and downward sloping sections of the wall. And the restriction of building it primarily in only two colors gives a classic look to the site.  The Great Wall of China sounded singular is a large variety of sections of wall which were built over 2,000 years by many different Dynasties. In the third century BC, after conquering the neighboring kingdoms Qin Shi Huang became the first emperor of China. He connected the present walls and added a new one. The wall also includes thousands of watchtowers, two of which are represented in the LEGO set

LEGO Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5 - Hiding in the Skin of a Secret Agent

Set out on a mission to get the LEGO Creator skilled 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5, one among the world's most famed vehicles. The model was disclosed in July 2019 within the LEGO Flagship store at Leicester sq. by Naomie Harris. This gadget-laden set is on the market in LEGO stores and online at Amazon, eBay, and Are you geared up for the final word LEGO® building challenge? Advanced LEGO Creator skilled series includes collectable standard homes, Cars, World Buildings, Fairgrounds, and seasonal Sets - and guarantee hours of building enjoyment with each set. This spectacular duplicate model captures Agent 007's iconic 1964 sports car's magnificence and dateless sophistication and comes with various authentic details and functioning gadgets. Open the doors, and you may discover a complete interior with a radar tracker and a partition containing a phone. And once it is time for action, activate the traveller capsule, flip the revolving number plates, raise t

Best 10 LEGO Sets for Adults

The question may arise, why would an adult play with LEGO? The answer is simple, because it is enjoyable, indefatigable and an newer assembled model gives a sense of success. Lego can provide entertainment for all ages today.  There are sets for challenging adults that Lego has to offer with the promise of many, many hours of fun. If you are a passionate collector or if you want to buy the first LEGO kit then you will love it too. These sets are in the 16+ and 18+ categorys and are mostly models for exhibition pieces. Now let’s look at the top 10 sets I consider.  LEGO Technic Mclaren Senna GTR Looking for an excellent supercar? This McLaren Senna GTR LEGO Technic 42123 set is a great choice, and adult McLaren fans will love it too! This collectible model is packed with lifelike details inspired by the iconic supercar that conquered the racetrack and will make any racing enthusiast's heart beat faster. Realistic details and powerful features .  The McLaren Senna GTR is unlike any o

LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Review

To the 50th anniversary of the historic event, when we conquered the moon, i.e. for the first time man set foot on another celestial body. The box shows the moon-landing unit itself, and infinite space, and planet Earth, which, unfortunately, we will soon destroy, just so on humanity! The box also shows the lunar surface and the two astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, on he side, the game features.  The Lego size is 20 cm wide and 20 cm high, the set consists of 1087 pieces, which is not that much, on average it can be assembled in about 4-5 hours.  A small background information about, but not only, Apollo 11, has been attached to the end of the user's manual, some extra information about the rocket, complete with original images. For those interested in travel, scifi-like topics, it is definitely recommended, because it's great fun to build and of course the finished model is a wonderful sight. The whole Lego stands on a nice flat-framed pedestal with the inscription

LEGO Technic Porsche 911 SRS Review

  The set for 2019, which replaced the older type of orange Porsche 911. The size of this is slightly more manageable and the price is much lower. At the front of the box you can see the of course the race car and a racetrack with an autumn landscape. On the other side of the box you can see the rear of the car, and some pictures of the look of the original race car. The set is 1,580 pieces and since we're talking about technic legos, it's about 5-6 hours. We get a lot of stickers for the set, mainly filled with white grey colouring on the side, which runs through the whole car, and several 911 signs all over the car. The rear wheel has huge widenings. I think the first lamp looks kind of weird, it's like it's been poured out of a spoon shape, it's a little scant for the overall picture. Who wouldn't know this type otherwise doesn't have a tank opening in the back, but a front. It's not a rear-engined car but mid-engine car, therefore the engine is close